The Mission of Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church of Maryland, Inc.

The Mission of Southern Friendship is to reach out to teach the Word of God; to provide a refuge for worship and prayer; to strengthen individuals and the family; to build a stronger community through opportunities for education, job training, employment opportunities and entrepreneurial development; to reach out into the community to serve as a conduit for Federal, State and County constituent services; to facilitate the exposure to social and economic support systems; and to provide the many charitable services to improve the quality of life of all those reached, especially the socially and economically disadvantaged.
Physically, Southern Friendship consists of and is positioned on nearly 13 acres of land; a building of slightly more than 94,000 square feet of usable interior space; of which, 23,153 square feet have been renovated to serve as the Church, with office and supporting spaces; an estimated 70,800 square feet of undeveloped interior building space (now only permitted for Church storage); and 358 marked parking spaces. The undeveloped Church storage space is both heated and cooled.
Moreover, it is the Mission for Southern Friendship to be the model for other Churches and businesses, throughout the County of Prince Georges, in all areas of “greening”. To that end, during the year 2016, every light bulb, in the entire facility, internally and externally, were changed to most economical LED technology. Next, the goals are organic gardening in its existing commercial-grade greenhouse; enhanced storm-water management programs; and, minimally, a 94,000+ square foot system of solar panels.