Pastor Frankey Grayton

Rev. Frankey Grayton, Pastor

Pastor Frankey Grayton is the youngest son of the late Curtis Grayton, and a strong prayer warrior, the late Viola “Ola” Johnson.


Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr., Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr. Emeritus
Pastor Fields willingness to lead and make personal sacrifices came early in his adult life with his volunteering to serve militarily our Country in 1968 and acknowledging God’s call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ while serving in Vietnam. That same year, he was licensed to preach by the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Logan West Virginia; where, he, following intense study, was ordained in 1970.  


Minister Travin Gordon

Minister Travin Gordon, Associate Minister

Born August 14, 1988 in Baltimore, Maryland to Cynthia Kenion and Gerald Gordon.
At age 8, Minister Gordon was diagnosed with Legg Calve Perthes Disease (bone decaying of the hip). Watching his mother pray and have faith in God in spite of the circumstance was a positive influence on him. At age 11, Minister Gordon accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior and joined Lé Detroit Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Reverend Dr. Cortez Davis. Despite his condition he was active in the Youth Ministry and participated in the Sunbeams, Youth & Young Adult Choir and the Praise Team.


Reverend Wallace L. Johnson, Sr.

Reverend Wallace L. Johnson, Sr., Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Reverend Wallace L. Johnson, Sr. serves as an Associate Minister, Head of the Audio Ministry, Sunday School Teacher, Men’s Bible Study Teacher and a member of the Male Chorus.


Minister Craig Marshall

Minister Craig Marshall, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Marshall currently serves as an Associate Minister, Youth and Young Adult Ministry leader, Sunday School Ministry, and Pastor’s Aide Ministry. Min. Marshall served as the Chairperson for the Security Ministry (Gatekeepers) from 1998-2009, and coached with the church Youth Basketball team from 2007-2009.


Minister Rhonda Moaland

Minister Rhonda Moaland, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Rhonda Moaland teaches Sunday school to the youth. She also is Assistant Superintendent to the Sunday School, has taught Youth Bible Study Classes, sang in the Mass Choir, participated in the Drama and Liturgical Dance Ministries, served on various committees, participated in NCBC as Youth Teacher, Youth Ministry Leader from 2004–2009 with Sisterhood and annual Youth Retreats. She continues to teach at every opportunity still.


Minister Otis Moses

Minister Otis Moses, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Otis Moses has served as an Associate Minister since April 29, 2007. He also teaches in the Youth Bible Study Ministry. Blessed with a gift to sing, he delivers songs for our Lord Jesus Christ with body, mind and spirit while serving on the Mass Choir and Male Chorus. Minister Moses had previously served as Chairman of the Trustee Ministry for 19 years, Vice-Chairman for Budget and Finance, and the Usher Board.


Minister Vernita Murray

Minister Vernita Murray, Associate Minister

Born in 1984 in Washington, DC to her loving parents, Ms. Belinda Murray and Mr. Vernon Miller. Never lacking, God provided her with additional love, encouragement, and support from her godparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hall. At a very young age, Minister Murray accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior under the late Apostle Betty Peebles at the Jericho City of Praise (formerly Jericho Baptist Church).


Minister Charles Robinson

Minister Charles Robinson, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Robinson teaches Adult Sunday School, is Chairperson of the Men’s Ministry and is a strong advocate in serving the homeless.


Reverend Andrea R. Russell

Reverend Andrea R. Russell, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Rev. Russell has been a member of Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church for over 20 years under the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr. She currently serves as a Sunday School Teacher and Co-Director of the Southern Friendship Youth & Young Adult Ministry.


Reverend Charles Sanders

Reverend Charles Sanders, Associate Minister



Reverend Dr. Theresa Scott-Woodruff

Reverend Dr. Theresa Scott-Woodruff, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Rev. Dr. Scott-Woodruff united with the Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, April 10, 2005, on her Christian Experience, under the Pastorate of Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr. She was ordained June 23, 2007, and currently serves as an Associate Minister and Coordinator for the Evangelism Ministry. Rev. Dr. Scott-Woodruff is a member of the National Capital Baptist Convention Associate Minister’s Division and Evangelism Board.


Reverend Dr. Arthur Wright

Reverend Dr. Arthur Wright, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Associate Minister, Sunday School Teacher, Youth, and Young Adult Minster Sight and Sound Engineer. Dr. Wright was licensed to preach the gospel at the Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Armona, California in 1990 and ordained in November 1992.


Minister Barbara Wright

Minister Barbara Wright, Associate Minister 

Barbara A. Wright was born in San Diego, CA to the late Rev. Wendell W. and Barbara C. Wright, Pastor and First Lady of the Second Missionary Baptist Church in Oceanside, Ca.  Barbara felt the call of God on her life at the age of eight but did not publically acknowledge it until 30 years later.