Minister Craig Marshall

Minister Craig Marshall, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Marshall currently serves as an Associate Minister, Youth and Young Adult Ministry leader, Sunday School Ministry, and Pastor’s Aide Ministry. Min. Marshall served as the Chairperson for the Security Ministry (Gatekeepers) from 1998-2009, and coached with the church Youth Basketball team from 2007-2009.
Education: Min. Marshall is a High School graduate from Washington, DC Public Schools. He attended University of DC and the first look program at the Washington Bible College in Lanham, MD. He was licensed to preach at SFMBC by Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr. on December 6, 2008.
About me: Min. Craig C. Marshall is a native of Washington, DC. He married his lovely wife, Carol Marshall on May 3, 1988. He enjoys coaching youth basketball and football and has coached for over 30 years. He loves encouraging and inspiring young people through the word of God to be the best they can be. But most of all, he has a genuine love for the Lord! His favorite scripture is Psalms 23.