Minister Rhonda Moaland

Minister Rhonda Moaland, Associate Minister

Areas of Ministry: Minister Rhonda Moaland teaches Sunday school to the youth. She also is Assistant Superintendent to the Sunday School, has taught Youth Bible Study Classes, sang in the Mass Choir, participated in the Drama and Liturgical Dance Ministries, served on various committees, participated in NCBC as Youth Teacher, Youth Ministry Leader from 2004–2009 with Sisterhood and annual Youth Retreats. She continues to teach at every opportunity still.
Education: She attended Prince George’s Community College from 2009-2010, the University of Phoenix from 2011-2012 pursuing an Associate Degree in early childhood development, by the end of 2015. Now, she is almost complete at Strayer University for her B.A. with a concentration in Human Resources.
About me: In 2003, she was led to Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, in Temple Hills, MD. Min. Moaland has five children. On December 6, 2003, Minister Moaland received her License to preach from the Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Welton Fields, Jr., Pastor. Presently, one of her favorite scriptures is found in Genesis 5:24 “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” Now that’s something to shout about!