Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35 (NIV). The culinary ministry is a branch of our church that shares the joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through food. Each meal is prepared with laughter, love, and times of great fellowship amongst volunteers utilizing their talents that range from beginners to seasoned individuals, all as unto the Lord. The many duties of the culinary ministry include: shopping for the food and supplies, preparing the food, and cleaning the kitchen.

Sister LaKeisha Spencer, Chairperson – SFMBCCulinary@gmail.com


Mission Statement
Jesus said “The great among you shall be your servants.” Matthew 23:11

The Diaconate Ministry of the Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church strives, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be used as vessels for Christ in this branch of Zion. With Christ as our example, and His ministry as our model, our ministry is Service; our desire is to serve both the spiritual and practical needs of the congregation willingly. Serving in unity, we embrace the vision of the church, and support the spiritual leadership of the pastor in the perfecting of saints for the work of ministry; for the edifying of the body of Christ; and the evangelizing of mankind.
Deaconess Nancy Phillips, Chairperson – SFMBCDiaconate@gmail.com


Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV), this command is mandated by God for us to share the gospel with unbelievers (to make disciples) and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

G.O.S.P.E.L. — God created us to be with Him. Our sins separate us from God. Sins cannot be removed by good deeds. Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again. Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life. Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.

God has entrusted to us this gospel message. And let us take confidence in the gospel “for it is the power of God for salvation,” “to be ready” to carry on the work of evangelism with faithfulness and consistency.

Reverend Dr. Theresa Scott-Woodruff, Coordinator for Evangelism – SFMBCEvangelism@gmail.com


SFMBC Events Ministry is a small group of both talented and dedicated church members, who volunteer to provide event-related services across all SFMBC’s Ministries. The focal point of this Ministry is deadline oversight, planning, and staging events to ensure that all events meet or exceed expectation.  Such events include Church Anniversary, Pastor’s Anniversary, Women’s Ministry activities, CPR training, Valentine Soiree, Easter Breakfast, Senior Prom, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Weddings, Men’s Day, Repasts, and other activities requiring the use of SFMBC’s Chapel and/or Fellowship Hall. The current Event Ministry Team wear many hats and work closely with the Culinary Ministry.  We have a critical need for additional volunteers with or without various knowledge and skills related to Event Planning and Deadline Management, (We are willing to train anyone who is truly interested and committed to our Mission).
Sister Ellen J. King, Chairperson – SFMBCEvents@gmail.com


The mission of the Fellowship and Activities Committee is to inspire SFMBC members and the community to get to know one another through Fellowship, To unite others who will glorify God and tell of his Greatness, To coordinate, organize/plan activities that will raise funds for the church and to sponsor activities that may be beneficial to SFMBC members and the Community.

Sister Carolyn Thompson, Chairperson – SFMBCFellowship@gmail.com


Mission Statement
Assist in establishing and maintaining an environment of peace and order, conducive for worship, during any function in which the Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (SFMBC) family has gathered. Our primary mission consists of providing security for all services on Sunday and Wednesday bible studies. Our secondary mission is to provide security for other scheduled and unscheduled events held at SFMBC.
Bro. Martes Barnhart, CoordinatorSFMBCGatekeeper@gmail.com




The Generation 2 Generation Family Ministry (G2G) is to empower personal character-building through understanding how precious we are to God from one generation to another. We strive to ensure that one’s faith increases daily and that we mature in our personal experience
s while  witnessing/evangelizing to the world who OUR GOD IS.

G2G help girls, boys, young women, young men, singles, and engaged/married couples become aware of themselves, their surroundings and how to respond with a strong mindset based on biblical principles.

The ministry seeks to aide girls, boys, young women, young men, and singles in building a personal commitment to God, assist with Christian growth, maintaining a spirit of holiness, and increase awareness of our responsibility to remain a beacon of light in this world. 

For the engaged/married couples G2G strives to strengthen the God-given institution of marriage by applying biblical principles. We provide guidance on how to establish/maintain a foundation built off of trust and faith in God so that couples can be a example of what a Christ centered marriage truly is.
Minister Vernita Murray, Chairperson – SFMBCG2G@gmail.com


Mission Statement
The Golden Seniors mission is to provide a recreation center for seniors of SFMBC within the surrounding community, an opportunity for fellowship, physical fitness, talent, creative activity. This ministry provides an opportunity to disseminate current information from local agencies concerning services and resources for seniors. It also provides a chance to restore a degree of independence and self worth to all seniors.

About Golden Seniors Ministry
The ministry was founded by Rev. Dr. Welton Fields, Jr., October 1996 for senior citizens, fifty and over and is open to all seniors. The activities include arts and craft, outings, exercise, games, Red Hat Day, birthday celebrations, visiting the sick and other churches, and table discussions on diet and health. Meetings are first and third Friday of each month at 11:00 am.

Deaconess Nancy Phillips, Senior Coordinator – SFMBCSeniors@gmail.com


The Healthcare Ministry was developed at SFMBC to provide service to persons when needed for the care of the suddenly ill or injured; to facilitate entry into the emergency medical system; and to assist in the promotion of healthcare education. Any member of SFMBS who desires to help others, who is 14 years of age or older and completes First Aide / CPR training can become a member of the Healthcare Ministry. Members of the Healthcare Ministry meet on the 1st Saturday of every other month (even months) at 11:00 am and can serve on duty one Sunday of each month. Mission Statement: “We Serve God by Serving Man Through Nurturing and Promotion of Health”.

Sister Sylvia Clagon-Lloyd, Chairperson – SFMBCHealthcare@gmail.com


Our Mission is to bring the faith of the body of Christ to those who God sends our way. We want our members and visitors to feel the love of God by welcoming them into God’s house, through friendly and authentically gracious service.
Sister Celestine Clinkscale, Chairperson – SFMBCHospitality@gmail.com


The Marketing Ministry is charged managing the perception of Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church to bring grace, mercy, love and kindness of Jesus Christ to all who come to know us. The ministry serves our Pastor Welton Fields, Jr., the church leadership, our congregation, ministries and community through effective communication. We provide print, electronic, and web services to assist SFMBC leadership and ministries in reaching internal and external audiences. As a church, marketing is our ability to control how people perceive SFMBC by helping them define their connection with us and how it impacts their decision towards Christ.
Sis. Patricia Harris, Coordinator SFMBCPR@gmail.com

The mission of the Men’s Ministry of Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is to proclaim and demonstrate the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women, and children of the church, and those who are homeless or in need of hope, because we honor God by trusting and obeying him. We are stewards of God’s resources, and we value people.

Minister Charles Robinson, Chairperson – SFMBCMen@gmail.com


The Southern Friendship Mission Teams is one Team.  Both the Home Mission and

Foreign Mission operate under one Mission Director.  The separation in the operational

structure is for functionary purpose only.  Each of us are both Home and Foreign Mission Workers.  We must all  work together as one Body in Christ for the common good of humanity.

Goals for 2020:

  1. To continue to share the love of Jesus with the Clients that we serve.
  2. To continue to explore partnerships with Mission Agency and other organizations.
  3. To continue to provide food and clothing to the needy.
  4. To continue to provide for the sick and shut-in and the Elderly.
  5. To continue to recruit more volunteers.
  6. To focus more on the Emergency Pantry.
  7. To focus more on the SHARE Program.
All that we do is to give God the Glory.
Sister Henrietta Gibson, ChairpersonSFMBCMissions@gmail.com


Sis. Cecila Dill, Coordinator – SFMBCNewdisciple@gmail.com


Our Theme: On the move for God: To serve the man of God. Our Scripture: 1st Timothy 5: 17–18 (NIV)

Our Purpose:
The name defines our purpose, and the purpose is to serve. In order to be a servant, we must have it in our hearts to give service to God through the man of God that he has chosen to be our Shepherd by respecting him, loving him and his family, trusting him, supporting him spiritually and financially thru our tithes, offerings and fundraisers. Complying with the charge that God has given him as our Pastor, and embracing his vision to make us a better fit for God’s ministry. It is the ultimate goal of this ministry to be a blessing to our good shepherd for the up building of his Kingdom.

Sister Barbara Kennedy, Chairperson – SFMBCPastorsaide@gmail.com


Mission Statement
To religiously educate Christians to be aware of God through knowledge, beliefs, and facts according to the Bible. To strengthen the body of Christ through study and application of biblical principles. To teach Christian love, discipleship, and obedience to God’s Word and become new persons in Christ. To encourage all members to grow as children of God, abide in Christian hope and spiritual growth.

Sister Robin Moore, Superintendent – SFMBCSundaySchool@gmail.com



The Trustee Ministry is responsible for executing the expectations of God, through His Under Shepherd, the Pastor, and the directions of the Congregation, to effectively and with Christ-like leadership in the areas such as, but not limited to, effective strategic administrative planning; financial management, business administration; facilities maintenance; media services; membership data; human resources; internal and public relations; records management; personal and property security; contracts and procurement; information management systems; upkeep of Gods gifts of property; land acquisition and disposal, and vehicle management.

Trustee Dianne Davis-Wright, Interim Chairperson – SFMBCTrustee@gmail.com


Mission Statement
SFMBC Usher Ministry was established in 1960. The mission of the ministry is to benefit the church through enhancing kingdom building, maintaining order and decorum in the church during service; through the orderly seating of the congregation; and discreetly preventing disruption of the service.  We serve as doorkeepers in God’s house during all services and communicate with the Pastor of the church, when needed. We extend a welcome to all, in God’s house, where through His Word, souls are saved.

Sister Mattie Cuffie, Chairperson – SFMBCUshers@gmail.com


The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is “Sisters Strengthening Sisters” and our focus is to support women of all ages in their relationship with God so that through spiritual friendships, mentoring, modeling and teaching one another, we might experience the freedom to become all that God intends us to be. All are invited to participate in the various expressions of this important ministry.
Sis. Lynetta Smith, Chairperson – SFMBCWomen@gmail.com


The Worship Music & Arts Ministry seeks to provide a worship experience that will allow all to receive the word of the Lord through Music, Arts and Technology.

We remain significant by meeting the needs of an ever-changing world through worship, fellowship, discipleship and evangelistic outreach as we support the mission and ministry of the Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. (Colossians 3:16 (KJV).

The Ministry consists of:

  • Music Ministry; (CJ’s) Children’s Choir (ages 5-12)


  • Young Adult Choir (ages 18-35)
  • Male Chorus
  • Seasoned Saints Chorale (SSC)
  • Mass (Combined) Choir
  • Praise & Worship Team
  • Arts Ministry
  • Drama Ministry
  • Mime Ministry
  • Liturgical Dance and
  • Audio/Video

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry is on a mission to develop young dynamic Disciples through religious education, and worshipping the Lord our God, in Spirit and in Truth. We want to help every person grow and develop to their full potential in their spiritual walk with Christ, by studying the Word of God. We also strive to provide opportunities and experiences to help enhance life skills while ministering to the whole person. The Ministry provides training in evangelism and mission work through our faith-based organization, so that our youth and young adults will be thoroughly equipped to serve their communities at home and around the world. The youth and young adult ministry will continue striving to help each person to develop a positive self-image, respect others differences, and minister to those who are in need. We are “Reaching out to All the World for Kingdom Building.”

Sister Virginia A. Carr, Chairperson – SFMBCYouth@gmail.com